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Peter Graves takes on googly-eyed aliens and their horde of giant, irradiated beasts…it sounds cooler than it is.


Adorable, fuzzy, little teddy bears, accompanied by two useless children, do battle with an evil space giant!


This one is a strong contender for the title of “Worst Godzilla Film Not Directed by Roland Emmerich.”


A giant, fire-breathing turtle awakens from his centuries-long slumber to wreak havok on Japan and befriend a small boy.


Earth is invaded by a squat, conical, lobster-armed, Venusian space pickle in what is possibly the finest example of a b-movie ever produced.


Allow me to state the obvious: Killdozer may be the greatest b-movie title of all time.


Anyone who isn’t instantly drawn to a movie entitled “Murdercycle” simply has no soul.


“Mars Attacks: Invasion” is a revival of the original card series from 1962, bringing us some great artwork from the industry’s best


Alf at a strip bar…How much more do you really need?


The Giant Claw features one of the most ridiculous monsters in the history of cinema.