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Fantasy Mission Force is one of the most insane movies of all time. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend that you get your hands on a copy immediately.


This is probably the best fight scene featuring a supernaturally gifted Japanese baseball pitcher and a mentally unbalanced, hammer-wielding mother that you will ever see


Turtle Man summons his magic cloud with a little help from his “Moonwalk Magic.”


Wow, even several direct shots to the beanbag don’t phase Master Liu


Attacking the world’s best kung fu gymnast while he is on a pommel horse is a pretty dumb idea


Steven Seagal takes us to the bank


A scuzzy biker dude who resembles former pro wrestler Van Hammer, kidnaps the daughter of his arch-nemesis in order to ransom her back to a Chinese crime syndicate…Uh, I think.


A plotless little kung fu film filled with all of the “but, still…” you can handle.


An entertaining kung fu flick starring the lovely Polly Shang-Kwan. Features a powerful wizard with ridiculous facial hair and one very fugly little midget.