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After completing his unholy film trinity, Francis once again returned to the screen, doing bit parts in such films as The Dirtiest Game and Ray Dennis Steckler’s Body Fever, before making his final on-screen appearance as a drunk in the 1970 Russ Meyer film, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. According to official record, Coleman […]


The final film of the Francis-Cardoza troika, Night Train To Mundo Fine (better known, thanks to Mystery Science Theater 3000, as Red Zone Cuba), is the culmination of all Francis’ apparent hatred towards the world. There are no redeeming characters, no morality, and no hope. Nothing but unpleasant, nasty characters doing unpleasant, nasty things. This […]


Francis’ second effort, The Skydivers, is a depressing, boring, and bitter little tale of betrayal and revenge, set in the world’s most depressing skydiving facility. Tony Cardoza stars (sort of) as Harry, the co-owner and operator, along with his wife, Beth, of the aforementioned uber-depressing skydiving facility. Harry is having an affair with a woman […]


Because of the efforts of Coleman Francis, the worst film Tor Johnson ever appeared in was not an Ed Wood production, and that earns at least a bit of respect from this b-movie nerd.


Born in Oklahoma on January 24, 1919, Coleman Francis’ road to b-movie infamy was as plodding and painful as the very films for which he would eventually become (in)famous.