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Allow me to state the obvious: Killdozer may be the greatest b-movie title of all time.


Here’s a tip if you you ever happen to be thrown into quicksand by a murderous tree: Don’t swim further away from shore.


In the same way the intersection between horror and rock n’ roll explored in our 15th issue is much like a Reese’s peanut butter cup, so are horror and comedy – two great tastes that go great together.


The Giant Claw features one of the most ridiculous monsters in the history of cinema.


Famous Monsters, the world’s first monster fan magazine, invades Comic Con with another incredible exclusive cover.


There is only one film which is truly worthy of being called
“The Worst Film Ever Made.” And that film is Monster A-Go Go.


A killer tree, known as the Tabonga, seeks vengeance for its untimely death. This one jumps right off the old goof-o-meter!


Three Satanists go wandering into Satan’s psychedelic backwoods. Surprisingly, things don’t go well.