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An alien crashes to Earth and starts eating everyone in sight. It’s up to Mike—armed with his extensive knowledge of horror movies—to save the day.


Coming next Friday to, the highly-underrated horror-comedy, There’s Nothing Out There! Mike is a hopeless horror geek who has seen every single horror flick ever released on video. When an alien starts munching on his friends, it’s up to Mike to use his encyclopedic knowledge of horror cliches to stop the alien menace before […]


Hello, fellow b-movie fans! If you are a fan of hilarious, over-the-top, horror movies, here’s your chance to to help fund the upcoming indie horror/comedy from Dustin Wayde Mills (Easter Casket, Puppet Monster Massacre), Slaughterhouse Slumber Party! Dustin Mills Productions, the production house that brought you THE PUPPET MONSTER MASSACRE and EASTER CASKET, has taken […]


Watch our young caveman hero as he encounters stock footage, kills an annoying squirrel, invents fire, and finally meets up with a really goofy Roger Corman monster.