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An alien crashes to Earth and starts eating everyone in sight. It’s up to Mike—armed with his extensive knowledge of horror movies—to save the day.


An alien soldier takes possession of an unlucky biker and transforms him and his ride into an unstoppable killing machine.


Lord Doom sends the giant monster, Kraa to destroy Earth. Our only hope is a small, slimy space-snail named Mogyar.


Some movies are considered “So bad, they’re good.” This is not one of those movies.


Roller Gator is 83 minutes of pure, unadulterated pain, masquerading as a lighthearted kiddie film. Torment, thy name is Roller Gator.


A made-for-TV movie about a furry, smart-ass, alien midget?
Sounds good to me!


“One of the ten most important films of modern times.” -Susan Sontag.
Lesson learned? Never take film recommendations from Susan Sontag.