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Lord Doom sends the giant monster, Kraa to destroy Earth. Our only hope is a small, slimy space-snail named Mogyar.


Assassinations, ninjas, talking decapitated heads, giant fire-breathing frogs, and a freaking dragon—this movie has it all!


This one is a strong contender for the title of “Worst Godzilla Film Not Directed by Roland Emmerich.”


A giant, fire-breathing turtle awakens from his centuries-long slumber to wreak havok on Japan and befriend a small boy.


Apparently King Caesar can “bend it like Beckham.”


The Giant Claw features one of the most ridiculous monsters in the history of cinema.


Just in case you aren’t twitching with anticipation already (and if you are on this site you really should be) here are a few trailers and featurettes to get you ready for Guillermo del Toro’s kaiju epic, Pacific Rim


This is a scene from a movie that features a gigantic, rampaging butt. What the heck do you expect me to write here?


To answer your first question, yes, someone actually made a Godzilla parody featuring an enormous ass. And yes, it is every bit as stupid and bizarre as you are probably thinking.


A giant monster terrorizes a small Texas town and our hero is armed with little more than a ukelele and “The Mushroom Song.”