Pacific Rim Video-splosion!

Just in case you aren’t twitching with anticipation already (and if you are on this site you really should be) here are a few trailers and featurettes to get you ready for Guillermo del Toro’s kaiju epic, Pacific Rim, opening this Friday (Thursday night, if you want to be technical about it).

Official Main Trailer

“Second Chances” Trailer

“Destroy All Kaiju” Featurette

“Jaegers: Mech Warriors” Featurette

“Under Attack” Featurette

And just because Ron Perlman is awesome. Kaiju Remedies from Pacific Rim


And we finish up with a little Pacific Rim HeroClix. If you are a total nerd like me, these should pique your interest as well.

Pacific Rim HeroClix figures


If you are interested, these figures are available now at local hobby shops and online retailers such as Miniature Market. Yes, I ordered a case and I’m proud. 😛

Oh, and just in case you still aren’t completely sold on seeing Pacific Rim this weekend (What the heck, may I ask, is wrong with you?), check out this excellent article by fellow kaiju junkie, Jordan Garren, webmaster of The B-Movie Film Vault. If Jordan’s passion can’t convince you to get your butt into a theater near you this weekend, nothing can.

See you at the theater!


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