Quick Hit – Weapons of Death

Weapons of Death
1982 | Color | 90 min.

Starring: Eric Lee, Bob Ramos, Ralph Catellanos, Louis Winfield Bailey (Ooh, the great Louis Winfield Bailey…), Gerald Okamura, Joshua Johnson, Paul Kryiazi, Leemoi, and Nancy Lee.

Directed By: Paul Kryiazi

Summary: A scuzzy biker dude who resembles former pro wrestler Van Hammer, kidnaps the daughter of his arch-nemesis in order to ransom her back to a Chinese crime syndicate…Uh, I think.

Good: There are a couple of entertaining brawls in addition to the fight scenes between Gerald Okamura and Eric Lee.

Bad: Choose your hero. Will it be the drunken vagabond or the racist pornstar? Choose wisely.

Recommended: For fans of Gerald Okamura, absolutely. If you pick up one of those 100 martial arts movie packs, you will most likely get this film and it will be one of the better films you’ll get. Unfortunately it will likely be a horribly-cropped, pan-and-scan print with washed-out color and sub-par sound like the one I have.

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Video Clip

Gerald Okamura and Eric Lee throw down.


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