Help Fund the Indie Mutant Rat Flick, Rodentia!

From director Garret Elmer:


Back in 2012 a group of filmmakers in Spokane, Washington created a short film for a timed competition. It was called Rodentia – a comedic homage to low budget horror films of the ’60s and ’80s. The short went on local television and gained a cult following around town. Time has passed and the filmmakers want to revisit Rodentia as a feature length film. With affordable equipment and film school training, they are determined to bring a unique experience to modern independent cinema.

Rodentia tells the story of three young men having a bummer summer, until a failed lab experiment is poured into the local river. As their lazy Independence Day drips by, the guys become increasingly aware of something wrong in the woods. It’s a summer they’ll never forget…

Check out their excellent pitch video, as well:


I really hope this one becomes a reality, as I need more solid, indie b-films in my life. Also, KILLER MUTANT RATS, people! What are you waiting for? Head on over to the film’s Indiegogo page and help make Rodentia a reality.


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*Full Disclosure: contributed $20 towards the making of this film.


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