Why wasn’t I told about this?

Apparently a sequel (remake?) to Action International’s wonderfully-insane action flick, Deadly Prey, is in the works and will once again will star the legend himself, Mr. Ted Prior. In addition to Deadly Prey, B-movie fans will recognize Mr. Prior from such films as Killer Workout, Jungle Assault, and Future Zone.

The film (Deadliest Prey) is, according to IMDB.com, currently in post-production and will be out sometime later this year.

My reaction to this news:

F*** YEAH!!!

F*** YEAH!!!

For those of you poor unfortunates who haven’t seen Deadly Prey, check out this week’s Cheesy Clip of the Week to get just a small sampling of its awesomeness. Great timing for that clip to be selected, wouldn’t you say? And a complete coincidence, as well. I have powers…

Now I really need to update my review of Deadly Prey from the old site. I’d love to just re-post the old version, but frankly it hurts my eyes to read it. I guess I’ve got some writing to do.


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