The man, the myth, the legend.
Edward D. Wood, Jr.

On this date, back in 1924, writer, actor, director, cross-dresser, WWII veteran, and religious savior, Edward D. Wood, Jr. was born.

Maila Nurmi and Tor Johnson in Ed Wood’s, Plan 9 from Outer Space

The notoriously quirky Mr. Wood was responsible for such b-movie classics as Glen or Glenda, Jail Bait, Bride of the Monster, and his magnum opus, Plan 9 from Outer Space–all of which are widely-considered to be among the (if not the) worst movies of all time.

While I have to agree Ed Wood’s films were definitely poorly-made in a conventional sense, they were all entertaining as hell precisely because of their many obvious shortcomings.

Ed Wood’s films were sloppy, disjointed, poorly-written, and poorly-acted affairs, but they were never dull. What Mr. Wood lacked in writing prowess, editing skill, and budgets, he more than made up for with his creativity and legendary enthusiasm.

Ed Wood was the original king of bad movies and they’ll never be another one quite like him. Many would say that’s probably a good thing, but not me. In fact, were it not for Mr. Wood, this website almost certainly would not exist (many would say that would probably be a good thing as well…).

So on what would be his 94th birthday, I salute Mr. Wood and his ridiculous scripts, shoestring budgets, subpar zombies, and flying saucers on strings. The world is slightly brighter thanks to the efforts of one Edward D. Wood, Jr.

Ed Wood getting in touch with his feminine side in, Glen Or Glenda


From director Garret Elmer:


Back in 2012 a group of filmmakers in Spokane, Washington created a short film for a timed competition. It was called Rodentia – a comedic homage to low budget horror films of the ’60s and ’80s. The short went on local television and gained a cult following around town. Time has passed and the filmmakers want to revisit Rodentia as a feature length film. With affordable equipment and film school training, they are determined to bring a unique experience to modern independent cinema.

Rodentia tells the story of three young men having a bummer summer, until a failed lab experiment is poured into the local river. As their lazy Independence Day drips by, the guys become increasingly aware of something wrong in the woods. It’s a summer they’ll never forget…

Check out their excellent pitch video, as well:


I really hope this one becomes a reality, as I need more solid, indie b-films in my life. Also, KILLER MUTANT RATS, people! What are you waiting for? Head on over to the film’s Indiegogo page and help make Rodentia a reality.


For Additional Info:



*Full Disclosure: contributed $20 towards the making of this film.

Exciting news from Saint Euphoria Films:


Minnesota director Christopher R. Mihm expands his cinematic universe with the debut of his thirteenth feature film in as many years.

ARDEN HILLS, Minn. – Sept. 4, 2018 – Described as a “post-apocalyptic spaghetti Mid-western,” Guns of the Apocalypse is a loving homage to the foreign-made westerns and B-grade horror movies of the early 1960s. The film will hold its world premiere on Wednesday, September 26 at 7:30 p.m. (doors open at 6:30 p.m.) at the historic Heights Theater, 3951 Central Ave. NE, Columbia Heights, MN.

Open to the public, the event will include era-appropriate newsreels and short subjects, together with a silent auction and photo opportunities with characters from the film. Cast and crew will be in attendance. Tickets are $10 each and available in advance at The film is safe and fun for “kids of all ages!”

Described by the director as an “endurance test,” Guns of the Apocalypse was shot almost entirely outside during the cold winter months in Arden Hills, MN and Chisago City, MN. In addition, Guns of the Apocalypse is the first feature film to include scenes shot in Eleva, WI. The film was completed using Minnesota- and Wisconsin-based talent and funded entirely by small donors and fans of Mr. Mihm’s previous work.

The films of the Mihmiverse, a term coined by fans to describe Mr. Mihm’s catalog, screen across the globe, are streamed thousands of times daily, and have become a worldwide cult phenomenon. As a result, Mr. Mihm has become a familiar face to sci-fi and horror convention-goers in recent years by appearing as a guest at numerous events across the United States.

Inspired classic movies he watched with his father as a child, Mihm produced, wrote and directed his first film, the multi-award winning The Monster of Phantom Lake, in 2006. He has since produced the award-winning cult classics It Came From Another World! (2007), Cave Women on Mars (2008), Terror from Beneath the Earth (2009), Destination: Outer Space (2010), Attack of the Moon Zombies (2011), House of Ghosts (2012), The Giant Spider (2013), The Late Night Double Feature (2014), Danny Johnson Saves The World (2015), Weresquito: Nazi Hunter (2016), and Demon with the Atomic Brain(2017). Mr. Mihm adapted his first film into an award-winning stage musical, The Monster of Phantom Lake: The Musical!, which debuted in Summer 2016 at the Historic Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts in Menomonie, WI.


For more information and to get your tickets, visit