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From Frolic Pictures:


What happens in this hospital would make you sick! From the weirdest depths of the twisted mind of Andy Milligan, Hollywood’s weirdest director, comes Surgikill! A film you may have once heard your drunk uncle blabbering about, the camp staple and undeniably last in the filmography of the “Ed Wood of Staten Island,” Andy Milligan. He was one of the last great exploiters, that has left us. He died of AIDS in 1992, three years after he made this wonderful madcap horror-comedy. It was originally penned by screenwriter Sherman Hirsh, but was quickly de-materialized, poking fun at itself onscreen. What could have been a serious slasher, Andy re-wrote into a silly slapstick of blood and guts (with a very alluring transvestite). Until now, Surgikill has never gotten a proper release. Frolic Pictures saw the picture, and bought all the rights, for an undisclosed amount, knowing that everyone must see this film! No horror movie collection would be complete without our forefather’s last cinematic breath of life. Digitally restored and re-mastered from the original 35mm print. A painstakingly tedious process coordinated by Media Arts Productions. Hollywood independent filmmaker Jared Masters pioneered the expedition, commissioning new art and overseeing restoration of Milligan’s original cut.

It was such a nice little hospital until those people started dying! Who is trying to murder everyone at Goode Community Hospital? Will the dedicated head of the hospital, Dr. Grace Goode, keep her head while everyone else is losing theirs? There are guts all over the place. Do you have the guts to watch? It’s every patient’s worst nightmare. Why? Because it could happen!


Starring Cult Film Goddess Bouvier (Club Lingerie) as Dr. Grace Goode, with Bob Peck (Jurassic Park) Dan Foster-Jones, Douglas M. Eames, Patrick Thomas, Jim Allen, Shari Logan, Michael Lungsford, Kip Reynolds, Jimmy Williams, Linda Collins, Al Silver and Robert Odell. Written, directed and photographed by Andy Milligan. Based on an original story by Sherman Hirsh. Executive producer John Van Harlingen.



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Frasier is my favorite sitcom of all time. I believe I’ve seen every episode at least a dozen times. One or twice a year, I’ll restart the series from the beginning and watch it all over again. What does my unhealthy obsession with one of the best sitcoms ever produced have to do with this site? Well, a few weeks back, while in the middle of yet another rewatch session, the following exchange between Frasier and his father caught my attention:


Upon returning home from viewing the latest, and sadly fictional, Jean-Claude Van Damme film:

Martin: “Didn’t you learn anything from that movie?”

Frasier: “Yes. Only that bullets are useless against a man who can kick really high.”


That great observation of the typical Van Damme film got me thinking about how many silly little lessons could be gleaned from bad movies—the philosophy of b-movies, if you will. So, forget all about traditional concepts of epistemology, aesthetics, and ethics–we’ve got Philoso-B! That is and ought to be all you need!

In this inaugural installment of’s Philoso-B!, we take our lesson from the 1987 film, The Garbage Pail Kids Movie.

While there are many lessons we can take from this particular film (not the least of which being that the ‘80s were mostly a dark and evil time), the most important lesson comes from the gastronomically-gifted character of Windy Winston. In the following clip, we see how he deals with an insult about he and his friends’ lack of aesthetic appeal (in layman’s terms, they are circus fugly!).

The lesson learned? Any personal attack, no matter how small, must be avenged….one hundred fold. Preferably with flatulence. Horrible, otherworldly, room-clearing flatulence.


If you have an example of a lesson you’ve learned from bad movies, feel free to post it in the comments, e-mail it to us at, or send it to us on Twitter, @BadMovieRealm. If we like it, we’ll use it in an upcoming installment of Philoso-B! and give you credit! So start submitting!


BONUS! I leave you with this picture of the aforementioned Jean-Claude Van Damme, courtesy of The Guardian. No caption is necessary.