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Big news from our friends, Flesh Roxon!


Zombie Rock band Flesh Roxon settles in Zombie Road Trip, chart-topping mobile game

The band, signed to Live Nation Finland, presents a special bundle inside the app, allowing gamers to slay zombies with a branded saw launcher under the catchy lines of their song “Suck My Chainsaw.”


The hit mobile game app Zombie Road Trip, currently featured in the special Zombies section of the Apple iTunes App Store, released a new update this week featuring Live Nation Finland’s “Zombie Rock” band Flesh Roxon. The app for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded for free from the App Store. An updated Android version of the game is coming out soon.

Zombie Road Trip and Flesh Roxon are basically a match made in… well, hell. And we mean that in the best way possible.” – says Ryan Holowaty, COO of Noodlecake Studios, publisher of the game. “Running and gunning zombies to the punk rock stylings of Flesh Roxon’s music has put a permanent smile on my face. We can’t wait for everyone to play the new update!”

Zombie Road Trip is a ragdoll-based arcade game available for iOS and Android platforms where the gamer is driving a car while constantly performing tricks and shooting zombies in order to survive. Every shot zombie nets you zombie coins, which you can spend on hard earned things like different cars and weapons.

The just released Flesh Roxon update is available for free to everyone who “likes” the music trio’s Facebook page. The themed bundle consisting of a devilish vehicle and chainsaw launcher gun have been developed specially for the band. While driving the branded car, the gamers will be listening to the two songs from the band’s debut album, Flesh To The Bone. Titled “Lonely Rider” and “Suck My Chainsaw,” these zombie killing anthems fit the gameplay perfectly.

“We’re happy to have Flesh Roxon included in this addictive game and invade other fascinating areas of the entertainment industry with our bands.” – said Mikko Haapala, Business Development Manager at Live Nation Finland.

“I can hardly wait to kill zombies myself. Slaying zombies is always nice!” – added Nicky, the lead singer of the band.

Flesh Roxon:  Three fine, upstanding gents from Finland.

If you like what you see and hear while playing Zombie Road Trip, catch Flesh Roxon on tour or download their full length album at http://fleshroxon.com/.


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Splattering hordes of the undead against the windshield of your tricked-out, anti-zombie mobile, while listening to the sweet sounds of Flesh Roxon’s “Suck My Chainsaw.” What’s not to love?


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