Why You No Update, Bro!?!

I know, no updates in forever, right? Well I hate to make excuses, but I’ve spent the majority of the past three weeks out of town working on an absolutely horrendous job. Let’s just say spending all day working in a Tyvek suit and respirator in 100 degree heat, cleaning up an abandoned house (complete with mountains of animal feces upstairs and a monstrous sewage backup in the basement. fml…) and then spending all night in a shitty hotel room, watching basic cable marathons, while eating a steady stream of ready-made meals for dinner kinda saps my will to write…and live.

Once this damn job is over I swear regular updates will continue once again. I’ll try to sneak something in while I’m out of town, but no promises.



P.S. If I can find a book of matches, I’m gonna burn this hotel down…


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