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Watch our young caveman hero as he encounters stock footage, kills an annoying squirrel, invents fire, and finally meets up with a really goofy Roger Corman monster.


♫ Nana na na nana nana CATMAN!!! ♫


David Carradine kicks some ass with a little help from his flying robotic glove.


Turtle Man summons his magic cloud with a little help from his “Moonwalk Magic.”


This is a scene from a movie that features a gigantic, rampaging butt. What the heck do you expect me to write here?


If you consider yourself a fan of bad movies and you haven’t seen Deadly Prey, you need to get your hands on a copy immediately.


Wow, even several direct shots to the beanbag don’t phase Master Liu


Attacking the world’s best kung fu gymnast while he is on a pommel horse is a pretty dumb idea


I don’t know why, but I feel kinda dirty whenever I watch this clip from the 1938, all-midget western, The Terror of Tiny Town


Steven Seagal takes us to the bank