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This is probably the best fight scene featuring a supernaturally gifted Japanese baseball pitcher and a mentally unbalanced, hammer-wielding mother that you will ever see


Apparently King Caesar can “bend it like Beckham.”


In this scene Windy Winston takes offense at being called ugly. He responds by unleashing a fart for the ages in the unfortunate man’s general direction.


As far as “wrestling squid movies” go, The Calamari Wrestler is among the best.


Here’s a tip if you you ever happen to be thrown into quicksand by a murderous tree: Don’t swim further away from shore.


Alf at a strip bar…How much more do you really need?


The Giant Claw features one of the most ridiculous monsters in the history of cinema.


Watch our young caveman hero as he encounters stock footage, kills an annoying squirrel, invents fire, and finally meets up with a really goofy Roger Corman monster.


♫ Nana na na nana nana CATMAN!!! ♫


David Carradine kicks some ass with a little help from his flying robotic glove.