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Alf at a strip bar…How much more do you really need?


The Giant Claw features one of the most ridiculous monsters in the history of cinema.


Watch our young caveman hero as he encounters stock footage, kills an annoying squirrel, invents fire, and finally meets up with a really goofy Roger Corman monster.


♫ Nana na na nana nana CATMAN!!! ♫


David Carradine kicks some ass with a little help from his flying robotic glove.


Turtle Man summons his magic cloud with a little help from his “Moonwalk Magic.”


This is a scene from a movie that features a gigantic, rampaging butt. What the heck do you expect me to write here?


If you consider yourself a fan of bad movies and you haven’t seen Deadly Prey, you need to get your hands on a copy immediately.


Wow, even several direct shots to the beanbag don’t phase Master Liu


Attacking the world’s best kung fu gymnast while he is on a pommel horse is a pretty dumb idea