Topps Reveals “Mars Attacks: Invasion” Card Series

From Famous Monsters of Filmland:


“Mars Attacks: Invasion” is a revival of the original card series from 1962, bringing us some great artwork from the industry’s best, including Earl Norem, Joe Jusko, Ed Repka, Sanjulian (FM #266), Glen Orbik, Greg Staples, Rafael Gallur, Dave Palumbo, Eric Wilkerson, Alex Horley, James Nelson, and Dan Brereton.


The main set is made up of 95 cards, 58 of which are all new, never before seen, hand-painted story cards. There are several chase subsets, which include:

  • • “Early Encounters,” cards depicting events that took place before the full flung invasion, in the 1930s-1960s
  • • “Anatomy of a Martian”: An awesome transparent subset, featuring 6 clear cards that layer to form a fully fledged, all dangerous Martian soldier.
  • • “Mars Attacks Masterpieces”: 5 brand spankin’ new stand alone art pieces
  • • “Join The Fight”: 4 Propaganda poster cards from Steven Thomas.


For more info and artwork, click here!


As a bit of a card nerd, I want these more than I am comfortable admitting, but first I really need to finish my complete set of the original “Awesome All-Stars.” 😀


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