Now Playing: Cult Christmas Classics!

Just a quick update for those of you who haven’t already subscribed to our RSS feed (and if you are a returning visitor, why haven’t you?), we’ve recently added two cult holiday classics to the Theater, just in time for Christmas.


First up, we have Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, a delightfully goofy little film featuring Santa Claus, Martians, a giant robot, and a pint-sized Pia Zadora.

What’s that? You say watching Kris Kringle face off against the Martian menace isn’t enough to fill you with the cult Christmas spirit? Well, what if we threw a bit of Satan into the mix?

Completing our little Yuletide double-feature, is the thoroughly-bizarre Mexican import, Santa Claus. Trust me, if you’ve ever wanted to see jolly ‘ol St. Nick (with an assist from the wizard Merlin, among others) battle it out with the Devil, this is definitely the Christmas flick for you!

So, head on over to the Theater and soak up some of our insane holiday cheer right now! I guarantee you’ll enjoy these movies more than that 6-pack of tighty-whities your grandparents got you. 😛

Merry Christmas, b-movie fans!


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