About the Webmaster

contactpicBorn of “carnies” and “hill-folk,” and raised in the harsh, unforgiving lands of southwest Ohio, BadMovieRealm.com webmaster, Derek Miller found his love of bad movies as a young boy, thanks in large part to the cult television show, Mystery Science Theater 3000.

In early 2005, after spending years torturing friends and family with his less than savory cinematic tastes, Derek decided to channel his love of cheesy, obscure, and just plain bad movies into a website. Since its very humble beginnings, BadMovieRealm.com has been dedicated to glorifying (and yes, occasionally trashing) the films which most folks tend to avoid—everything from sci-fi to SyFy; kaiju to kung fu; and “so bad, they’re good” to “so bad, it hurts.”


Contact Information

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, advertising inquiries, piles of cash, or anything else regarding the website or b-movies, please feel free to contact Derek Miller at: webmaster@badmovierealm.com.