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Mix two parts exploitation with one part fundamentalist Baptist rants; sprinkle liberally with Commies; bake for about an hour on bat-spit insane, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for one helluva movie!


I love my spam filter.  It keeps this site from being completely flooded with links for bootleg Viagra made from old gypsum and arsenic, knock-off Gucci handbags, mail order Russian brides, and the like.  The downside of a spam filter is you guys miss out on all of the wonderfully-bizarre Engrish prose contained within the […]


To answer your first question, yes, someone actually made a Godzilla parody featuring an enormous ass. And yes, it is every bit as stupid and bizarre as you are probably thinking.


If you don’t giggle at words like titmouse, rectory, and ballcock this article probably isn’t for you.


Roller Gator is 83 minutes of pure, unadulterated pain, masquerading as a lighthearted kiddie film. Torment, thy name is Roller Gator.


“One of the ten most important films of modern times.” -Susan Sontag.
Lesson learned? Never take film recommendations from Susan Sontag.


A horrifying tale of a world without springs, made even more horrifying by a demonic little spring-sprite named Coily.