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The story of a Lovecraftian, shape-shifting, nightmare-reptile which invades the dreams of impressionable youths…or something like that.


The touching tale of a young woman and her love for a wrestling squid man…wait, that makes it sound weird.


This thing certainly looks like a trash-tastic cluster of blood, boobies, and Boll


This is probably the best fight scene featuring a supernaturally gifted Japanese baseball pitcher and a mentally unbalanced, hammer-wielding mother that you will ever see


Apparently King Caesar can “bend it like Beckham.”


In this scene Windy Winston takes offense at being called ugly. He responds by unleashing a fart for the ages in the unfortunate man’s general direction.


As far as “wrestling squid movies” go, The Calamari Wrestler is among the best.


I’m quite certain the world in general, and myself in particular, would’ve been perfectly content without a XXX parody of SpongeBob SquarePants.


Peter Jackson’s (yup, that Peter Jackson) vulgar, violent, and unrelentingly offensive take on The Muppet Show.


This film has the unimaginable power to suck all positive feelings from its viewers like some kind of merciless black hole of hate.