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Just in case you aren’t twitching with anticipation already (and if you are on this site you really should be) here are a few trailers and featurettes to get you ready for Guillermo del Toro’s kaiju epic, Pacific Rim


Famous Monsters, the world’s first monster fan magazine, invades Comic Con with another incredible exclusive cover.


Dark Horse and Famous Monsters present the legend himself in statue form!


A sequel to the wonderfully-insane action flick, Deadly Prey is in the works


From Famous Monsters of Filmland:   In Famous Monsters #266, we’re taking you to the merry ol’ land of OZ and look at one of filmland’s most notorious monsters, The Wicked Witch of the West. Margaret Hamilton’s legendary performance has given entire generations thir first true movie scare. From the big screen portrayal to L. […]


Wow, first Manos gets a full restoration in glorious HD, now this. The world may be ending today after all…


Just a heads up for those of you who may be interested. The guys over at have just announced a huge holiday sale.