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This thing certainly looks like a trash-tastic cluster of blood, boobies, and Boll


Greetings bad movie fans! Just popping in to give everyone the head’s up about a big discount promotion from our friends at Enter the promo code: friends at checkout and receive a whopping 20% off your order! But hurry, this 20% off deal ends with the new year. So point your favorite browser to […]


From Frolic Pictures:   What happens in this hospital would make you sick! From the weirdest depths of the twisted mind of Andy Milligan, Hollywood’s weirdest director, comes Surgikill! A film you may have once heard your drunk uncle blabbering about, the camp staple and undeniably last in the filmography of the “Ed Wood of […]


From Frolic Pictures: Just in time for Christmas! The bold, daring and shocking murder-mystery comedy Club Lingerie starring cult film Goddess Bouvier (Surgikill) is now available to ship right to your very door! The perfect stocking stuffer (if your stockings dangle wide and strong)! This is not a motion picture for the shallow cinematic heart. […]


Big news from the fine folks at Cult Collectibles!   HUGE YEAR END SALE THROUGH DEC. 15th!!!! Here is your chance to take advantage of the lowest prices that will EVER be offered on our line of amazing limited edition “Weird Wobbler” bobblehead figures! All in stock figures are on sale and some are even […]


What is The B.C. Butcher? How about I let seventeen-year-old writer/director Kansas Bowling explain it in her own words: “The B.C. Butcher” is a girl-gang slasher film set in prehistoric times. It is feature length and shot entirely on 16mm color negative film. My name is Kansas Bowling and I am the director. I have […]


Viva La Lucha! In the history of cinema, no man has battled more classic monsters than the masked luchador, El Santo


“Mars Attacks: Invasion” is a revival of the original card series from 1962, bringing us some great artwork from the industry’s best


In the same way the intersection between horror and rock n’ roll explored in our 15th issue is much like a Reese’s peanut butter cup, so are horror and comedy – two great tastes that go great together.


Well, after the Twitter shitstorm (Hey, Shitstorm! SyFy, I smell a movie…wait, nevermind.) that was Sharknado, I think we all knew this was gonna happen.