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Real-life gymnast, Kurt Thomas, uses his deadly combination of martial arts and gymnastics—and one fortuitously placed pommel horse—to win “The Game.”


The story of a Lovecraftian, shape-shifting, nightmare-reptile which invades the dreams of impressionable youths…or something like that.


31 years ago today, Action International Pictures released what is perhaps their finest work, the absurd action flick, Deadly Prey. As you can probably tell from that clip, Deadly Prey is possibly the most entertaining action film ever released. You can check out our full review in our review archive (Deadly Prey review) for a […]


David Carradine enforces the law with a little help from his two trusty revolvers and a remote-controlled, flying power glove.


“Rowdy” Roddy Piper battles giant frog-people while wearing a steel-plated chastity belt to protect his precious man-chowder. This is a quality b-movie.


Diminutive Filipino action star, Weng Weng, kicks everyone right in the old beanbag before flying away with his jet pack, in this ridiculous James Bond spoof.


Adorable, fuzzy, little teddy bears, accompanied by two useless children, do battle with an evil space giant!


Most people think they have a pretty good handle on what a bad movie is…most people have never seen a Joseph Lai production.


Deadly Prey is silly, derivative, and mind-bendingly stupid. And if you are like me, you’ll love every damn second of it.


Peter Jackson’s (yup, that Peter Jackson) vulgar, violent, and unrelentingly offensive take on The Muppet Show.