Coming May 17th to, a new review for the 1999, Full Moon Pictures release, MURDERCYCLE! An alien soldier takes possession of an unlucky biker and transforms him and his ride into an unstoppable killing machine.

Does this flick live up to the promise of its ridiculous premise, or is it ultimately just another in a long line of not quite “so bad, it’s good” movies? Check back next Friday to find out!

In the meantime, here’s a little clip to whet your appetite.

Ted Prior as Mike Danton in Deadly Prey

31 years ago today, Action International Pictures released what is perhaps their finest work, the absurd action flick, Deadly Prey.

As you can probably tell from that clip, Deadly Prey is possibly the most entertaining action film ever released. You can check out our full review in our review archive (Deadly Prey review) for a full rundown of its amazingness.

The man, the myth, the legend.
Edward D. Wood, Jr.

On this date, back in 1924, writer, actor, director, cross-dresser, WWII veteran, and religious savior, Edward D. Wood, Jr. was born.

Maila Nurmi and Tor Johnson in Ed Wood’s, Plan 9 from Outer Space

The notoriously quirky Mr. Wood was responsible for such b-movie classics as Glen or Glenda, Jail Bait, Bride of the Monster, and his magnum opus, Plan 9 from Outer Space–all of which are widely-considered to be among the (if not the) worst movies of all time.

While I have to agree Ed Wood’s films were definitely poorly-made in a conventional sense, they were all entertaining as hell precisely because of their many obvious shortcomings.

Ed Wood’s films were sloppy, disjointed, poorly-written, and poorly-acted affairs, but they were never dull. What Mr. Wood lacked in writing prowess, editing skill, and budgets, he more than made up for with his creativity and legendary enthusiasm.

Ed Wood was the original king of bad movies and they’ll never be another one quite like him. Many would say that’s probably a good thing, but not me. In fact, were it not for Mr. Wood, this website almost certainly would not exist (many would say that would probably be a good thing as well…).

So on what would be his 94th birthday, I salute Mr. Wood and his ridiculous scripts, shoestring budgets, subpar zombies, and flying saucers on strings. The world is slightly brighter thanks to the efforts of one Edward D. Wood, Jr.

Ed Wood getting in touch with his feminine side in, Glen Or Glenda


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