Sharknado 2: The Inevitable


Syfy Greenlights Sharknado 2, Sets Twitter Contest for Film Subtitle

“It’s happening: Syfy is going back in the waters for a Sharknado sequel, and this time in Gotham.

The NBCU cable net officially announced a follow up to last week’s viral creature feature, tentatively titling the newly greenlit pic Sharknado 2. Variety reported last week that talks were underway at the cable net for a Sharknado followup less than a day after the TV movie launched…”

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Well, after the Twitter shitstorm (Hey, Shitstorm! SyFy, I smell a movie…wait, nevermind.) that was Sharknado, I think we all knew this was gonna happen. While I’m still somewhat disappointed that SyFy hasn’t gotten back with me on my Camelanche idea (Think of it, an avalanche of camels! C’mon SyFy, it sells itself!) I do have a few ideas for the subtitle of the New York-based Sharknado 2.

Sharknado 2: The Completely Unnecessary
Sharknado 2: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Borough
Sharknado 2: Sharknado vs. The Abominable Seventeen-Ounce Soda
Sharknado 2: Hammerheadwinds of Death
Sharknado 2: C.H.U.M.
(come up with your own silly backronym)
Sharknado 2: I got your Fujita Scale Right Here!
Sharknado 2: Sharknado Up Your Ass!
Sharknado 2: The Legend of Curly’s Gold

And perhaps the most honest title:

Sharknado 2: Shut Up, You’ll Watch It

I’m also working on a treatment for the follow-up to Sharknado 2, tentatively titled, Sharktopus Vs. Sharknado: The Two-Headed Sharktoberfest Showdown. Set in Cincinnati during Oktoberfest, I envision Carmen Electra and Joe Estevez as a mismatched bikini model/scientist couple who must put aside their differences and devise a way to stop the ultimate showdown of Sharktopus and Sharknado.

SPOILER: In a thrilling climax, Electra and Estevez fuse their DNA with a shark, transforming them into an enormous, two-headed shark-like creature and they do battle with the combined powers of the Sharktopus-nado!

Screenwriting = Easy.


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