Quick Hit – Return of the Kung Fu Dragon

Return of the Kung Fu Dragon
1976 | Color | 83 min.

Starring: Polly Shang-Kwan, Chan Sing, Cheung Lik, Chuen Yuen, Lam Chi, Li Chung Chien, Tin Yau, Tung Li, and Yuen Sam.

Directed By: Chick Lim Yu

Summary: An entertaining kung fu flick starring the wonderful Polly Shang-Kwan. Her presence alone makes this one worth checking out. Features a powerful wizard with ridiculous facial hair — his beard is so long, he has an assistant help carry it around — and one very fugly little midget.

Good: Very entertaining and moves pretty fast. Sets and costumes are quite colorful and interesting. Plus, who doesn’t love an all-powerful wizard with shoulder-length eyebrows?

Bad: The plot is a bit confusing and the poor English dub does little to help.

Recommended: Yes.

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Video Clip

Thrill as Ha-Ping, the mystical midget, takes on some of the evil General Black’s men.


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