Quick Hit – Deadly Duo

Deadly Duo (aka Blade of Fury, Two Great Cavaliers)
1978 | Color | 94 min.

Angela Mao Ying, John Liu, Chan Sing, Cheng Chiu, Chin Lung, Leung Kar Yan, and Man Kong Lung.

Directed By:
Ching-Chen Yang

A plotless little kung fu film filled with all of the “but, still…” you can handle.

The first fifteen minutes and the last fifteen minutes; John Liu in top, high-kicking form; and of course, the lovely Angela Mao.

Bad: The hour of running time in between the first and last fifteen minutes. The stale (and in this case, remarkably convoluted) Ming vs. Ching plotline.

Recommended: Only if you are a huge Angela Mao or John Liu fan. Otherwise just skip to the last 20 minutes or so.

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Video Clip

In this clip you’ll see a group of bandits trying to infiltrate our hero’s hidden fortress. Spoiler: Sometimes being a low-ranking henchman sucks.

Check out the exploding Muppet towards the end…Priceless.


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