Club Lingerie now available on DVD!

From Frolic Pictures:

Just in time for Christmas! The bold, daring and shocking murder-mystery comedy Club Lingerie starring cult film Goddess Bouvier (Surgikill) is now available to ship right to your very door! The perfect stocking stuffer (if your stockings dangle wide and strong)! This is not a motion picture for the shallow cinematic heart. You will laugh, you will gasp with fright, and you will be awestruck by a cast that dare to defy the laws of modern cinema, in all it’s wildly curious spender! See why this movie had to be made! The story of cougar who courageously pioneers the financial turnaround of her grandfather’s beloved nightclub! See gorgeous models die in the negligees before your very eyes, in the most unusual ways! See shoe-bombs going off, and blow-darts lodged into your very favorite girl!

Film critic Mike Haberfelner says “Club Lingerie is not just a murder mystery, first and foremost it’s a great deal of fun featuring quite a few very lovely girls wearing very little … a fun comedy interludes by quite a few fan faves like Dawna Lee Heising and Richie Lillard as a perverted couple, Domiziano Arcangeli as the jealous boyfriend of one of the models, Maria Olsen as a cookie flower girl, and a homicidal dominatrix – who doesn’t have anything to do with the rest of the film but is fun all the same. Now add to this details like a dog in lingerie, one perverted character who’s actually nothing more than a muppet, inexplicably, and a little dance number to close the movie, and you’re in a very weird place already, only accentuated by the directorial effort that is more reminiscent of 1970s grindhouse cinema than everything else (which goes very well with the story as such of course) … and you’ve got yourself a highly entertaining little romp!”

The film stars Bouvier, Jacqueline Guzman, Andy Dick, Dawna Lee Heising, Richie Lillard, Jessica Knopf, Domiziano Arcangeli, Geo Sargent, Art Roberts, Jennifo Box, Sydney Raye Smith, Mindy Robinson, Nicole Shipley, and Maria Olsen, with Alexandra Skiba, Vera Taylor, Laura Amelia, Jesse Briandi, Lauren Taler, Robert Evans, Glenn Brunno, Anjela Gotsulyak, Joe Karam, Kara Michelotti, Liliana Lev, Rachel LeMar, Ernesto Orellano, Trevor Doss, Varian Gray, Ashley Kyron, Curtis Simmons, David Bocanegra, Mickey Woodall, Shelley Sheraton, Mystic Marlow and LeJon. The film is produced by John Van Harlingen, Bouvier, Julia Faye West, Sunny Vachher, Jacqueline Guzman Cereceres, Michael Anthony, Mikko Tervonen and Seth Metoyer. Art Direction by Ryan Henneman. Stills by David Levin, Valerie Val and Melanie J. Brown.­­ Make-up by Bahieh Claggett. Production design by Mystic Marlow. Directed by Jared Masters. See Club Lingerie. The last intimacy she’ll ever wear!



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